Wednesday, October 28, 2009

June 2009: Djentrification In South Korea

Back in July, Djentrification gave us a taste of what's happening on the Japanese street art scene. Today, he's back with more from the Far East. This time around, he's got a host of photos from Seoul, South Korea. He writes:

"Nana is everywhere in Seoul...never seen so much wheatpasting in my life."

"Street art is on rotation like a neighborhood ice cream truck with new treats daily! These shots are from Hongdae and many other neighborhoods."

"There are many tags too. Some people have no style to his/her tags while their art and concepts are awesome. Ha!"

"Amongst taggers, there are rivalries. Nana is apparently battling a bit with Demos who is up a lot, too. You see them crossing each other out...corny."

Thanks, D! We really appreciate the update.

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