Thursday, October 8, 2009

September 2009: Ludo in Paris

Technology surrounds us, but what would happen if the natural world and technology merged? Parisian artist Ludo ponders this question in his giant wheatpastes. In one (aptly titled 'i-Biscus'), the stamen of a large hibiscus morphs into a satellite transmitter. In another, sunflowers look more like engine turbines than normal sunny blooms. Ludo prefers to keep his answers short and sweet so his work can do the talking. He writes:
"I was born in the suburbs of Paris."
"I am around 30 years old and I live and work mostly in Paris."
"Titled 'Nature's Revenge', the work I produce connects the world of plants and animals with our technological universe."
"It speaks about what surrounds us and affects us for any reason and tries to highlight some kind of humility."
"Thank you for the post--Ludo." Thank YOU, Ludo! For more fantastic photos, check out his Flickr.

P.S. Today is Adam's birthday. So if you see a lumberjack/Viking type chasing snakes on Cape Cod, make sure to wish him a happy one. :)

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