Thursday, October 15, 2009

September 2009: Doodlez in the Bay

Whenever I hear about people in San Francisco, they make me want to visit. My friend Tanya rocked out this summer at Outside Lands. Shoshana posted great photos from the Lovefest a couple of weeks ago and Bryan always tells me to come visit his class. Doodlez is just one more reason to switch coasts. The Bay-Area artist writes:
"Hi. I'm a 20 year-old artist living in Oakland, CA who goes by the nickname 'doodles.'"
"I grew up in the Seattle area, then moved to the bizarre city of St. Petersburg, Florida for two years to pursue the study of marine biology."
"St. Petersburg’s severe lack of young culture gave me the motivation to focus on more creative projects. After a year and a half, I put a stop on my marine science dreams and decided to focus on art. That said, I still love narwhals, giant squid, manatees, and lobsters."
"I draw from my influences including: the Pacific Northwest, traveling, animals, graffiti, small towns, large towns, and underwater creatures. Doodles' work can be found in the streets of London, New York city, San Francisco, Seattle, Sweden, France, Ireland and Italy. I am a resident artist at the collaborative group Islands Fold."
Thanks so much, Doodlez! I'm glad to hear you turned a dull situation into something completely awesome! For more info, check his Flickr.

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