Monday, October 19, 2009

In The Headlines

Not feeling my best this morning. A combination of late nights and wandering in the cold wintery mix left me a bit under the weather. While I make tea, take a look at the headlines. (I promise I didn't sneeze on them.)
This week's the last week to catch the Mutate Britain festival. Featuring pieces by Sickboy, the Krah, Lilliwenn, and more, the show runs through Saturday.

Shepard Fairey still maintains that he took the photo that inspired his Hope poster, but the courts don’t buy it. The Warhol Museum doesn’t mind though; they’ve still invited him to put on a retrospective of his work.

In Boston, Art Street brings new takes on museum pieces outdoors for everyone to see.

For the Ghostvillage Project, Remi/Rough, Stormie, and others decorated an abandoned town with colorful graffiti.

Can electric box art really discourage graffiti?

Chicago street artist Goons talks about his work and the city’s scene.

These creepy cutouts popped up in San Francisco’s Mission District this past week.

Korakit’s amazing prints look good anywhere (even under blacklight).

My friend Jess got back from Costa Rica last week. I wonder if she saw any of the country’s great street art.

Brooklynites have mixed feelings about the murals on Myrtle Ave.

In Denmark, people recognize a difference between street art and graffiti.

Here are some more shots of JR’s “Women Are Heroes” series in Paris.

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