Thursday, October 22, 2009

September 2009: Rojo Roma in Buenos Aires

It doesn't matter if it's a wall, a train station, or an eroding concrete block. Give Rojo Roma a surface and he'll paint on it. The Buenos Aires based artist shares his story and photos from the southern hemisphere with us. He writes:
"I started to paint graffiti in 1996, just to play and show the people something new. I was thinking about the streets and the nature out there. I wanted to give a gift to my town."
"I paint alone and for me. I painted with lot of artists around the world in other towns/cities/cultures, too. It's so cool to meet other artists while doing art. I enjoy helping other people. It's very rewarding for me do something for somebody without worrying about who that person is, what they think about life, or whatever. Don´t think about what you should do; just do and do and do."
"I came up with my style by looking the city, listening to music, and reading some books. I think I incorporate the views of my family, friends and experiences of trips. Painting with spray cans is very difficult to do. It takes a long time to make some good stuff. But when you get the line, that line, you've got the sky.
The fileteado porteƱo was a very good practice for me. That ornamental movement is very representative of my city and culture, too. People like this art a lot."

"The streets are my favorite places to paint, but I enjoy the challenge. I think any area likely to support writing is good."
"Today, I work creating ambience. I´m a graphic designer, too, so I live off any creative activity. I'm painting a lot, making designs for importants brands, generating new aesthetics, and working on artistic projects ranging from books and animation to bikeparks, skateparks, and local commercials."

Gracias, Roma! For more photos, check out his Flickr. Roma also supports the Global Transmission Project, so take a look.

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