Monday, October 12, 2009

In The Headlines

Still recovering from this weekend. After running a half marathon, working a meet, celebrating my 2 year-old cousin's birthday, and listening to music at Rocktoberfest, I'm exhausted, deafened, and hungry. Fortunately, I get Columbus Day off (otherwise, I'd be a mess). While I pull it together, you can flip through the headlines.

If you're in Sydney this month, stop by the Pine Street Creative Arts Centre for "Urban Art Agenda #3." The show, which runs through October 22, features work by Jef Aerosol, A1one, Ananda Nahu, and more.

If you loved the Graffiti Verité series, you can now catch the whole thing streaming online. Hard copies will be available January 1.

In Philadelphia, a local arts initiative hopes to use street art to bring more people to the river.

Omino71 caught up with the Stickheads on his blog.

Not the best photos, but here's a taste of San Fran's Mission District activity.

Me Too Crew argues that graffiti is not vandalism.

Bahrain runs its street art festivals a little differently, but Yasmine is set to make an impression on the canvas this week.

In Wooster Collective's new column for Good Magazine, they interview Martin Sobey about his unique use of Legos.

Alsacherie's show opens Friday in at Artstüebli in Basel, Switzerland. The reception starts at 8 pm.

Mimi the Clown opens the doors to his studio this coming weekend. Located at 151 bld Montebello à Lille (métro Porte des Postes), you can view his work Friday 2-7, Saturday, noon to midnight, and Sunday 12-6. For more info, check his website.

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