Wednesday, May 19, 2010

April 2010: Beastman in Sydney

The other day, I was listing places that I'd like to live. While I can only speak for places I've been, I feel like one visit to Australia would instantly add Sydney or Melbourne to the list. Today, Beastman and his colorful characters check in and describe what's going on in Oz. He writes:
“I used to do a little bit of graffiti when I was a teenager skating around the streets, but I only started doing my Beastman characters on walls a couple of years ago. I developed my characters over years of drawing in sketchbooks.”
”I live and work in my house in McMahons Point (North Sydney). Unfortunately, North Sydney’s council is very much against public art and graffiti. I usually paint walls wherever I can get one.”
“I sometimes paint with Phibs, Max Berry, Numskull, Roach...and whoever else is in town and wants to go paint.”
”I like painting at my house. It’s quiet and all my stuff is here. These days, I only really do legal walls.”
“I’m currently working on paintings for a solo exhibition at Gorker Gallery in Melbourne in July. I’ve also got some artwork for some other group exhibitions.”

Thanks, Beastman! For more walls, stop by his website.

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