Monday, May 31, 2010

In The Headlines

Wow, what a weekend. Between road racing, ice cream consumption, film screenings, and reading small children stories, it was definitely a good time. Fortunately, I've got another day of straight chilling ahead of me! If you're outside of the US, don't worry; you get way more days off than we do, so you'll have the last laugh in the end. As I get ready for more outdoor grilling, you can read the headlines.
1010's show at Berlin's ATM Gallery opens June 4 at 7 pm.

Anyone can get a stencil nowadays (even the Unabomber).

JR and Vhils teamed up to bring giant faces to downtown Los Angeles.

Apparently, street art rejuvenates public spaces?

Melbourne understands the importance of street art; the city's streets are currently under protective review by the heritage board.

Aram Bartholl takes CAPTCHA phrases off the computer and onto the street with his "Are You Human?" project.

Gaia knows what's up in Baltimore and in his new book, Beyond the Street.

According to ekosystem, Doel, Belgium, is the street art capital of Europe.

Michelle Rogers pasted portraits of terrified stock brokers on Broad Street in NYC.

Jesse Hazelip's buffalo-airplanes are brightening up Buffalo's streets.

Specter's currently working on a project in Siberia; you can follow his progress here.

Towers of Hope popped up on many California beaches.

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