Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday ProFile: Hyuro

Moving is never easy, and moving internationally can be even more difficult. From visas and paperwork to apartment and job-hunting, it’s never simple to start over. However, sometimes a chance encounter can lead to completely new opportunities. Originally from Argentina, Hyuro moved to Spain ten years ago and met up with Spanish street artist Escif. This serendipitous meeting led to a friendship that changed Hyuro’s world.
“I’ve been painting for a while,” he says, “but never on walls. I always loved mural art, though. When I met Escif, I started getting out there. Most of my initial inspiration came from him. Later on, I discovered my own style and I’m still working on it, but I would say that he introduced me to street art.” Sometimes, it’s more fun working with friends. “I like to work on my own because it’s easier to do what you’re used to,” he says. “But sometimes I paint with Escif. I found that there’s much to learn from painting with someone. I enjoy that part.”
Since painting on the streets is new to Hyuro, he still harbors some concerns each time he goes out. “I am still discovering myself in this new way, so many of my initial fears still exist. I don’t think I’ve got my style down yet, but I can say I’m in the process of finding it.” Fortunately, Escif’s guidance kept Hyuro out of trouble and he’s yet to experience any serious run-ins. “I was lucky to start by the hand of someone with so much experience,” he admits. “I guess he looked after me in that way.”
The pre-painting nerves and concerns are totally worth it in the end. Hyuro confesses, “I think what seduces me the most about street art is being a part of the city, being able to express yourself on the walls and the direct communication you get with people when you’re transmitting your thoughts and ideas out there.”
Escif’s influence ultimately impacted the course of Hyuro’s life; he doesn’t see himself straying from street art any time soon. “I think in general, I am happy with myself when I look back,” he reflects. “Facing the future, I don’t have any particular plans. For the moment, I’m working on a personal project and continuing to enjoy this new world that I discovered.” No matter what he’s doing, he explains, “I cannot tell when I am or when I am not an artist. In this moment of my life, most of the things that I do involve art.”
Gracias, Hyuro! For more photos, take a look at his Flickr. That's all for now. I'm off to explore NYC for the weekend. Hopefully, the rain will hold off and many outdoor adventures will occur.


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