Tuesday, May 18, 2010

April 2010: Useless Idea in Genoa

Spray paint isn't for everyone; sometimes, it pays to play around with other styles. Italian artist Useless Idea started out spray painting but ending up working with brushes. Today, he explains how his style developed and shares where he's going next. He writes:
”I started painting in the street in 1993 when I was 15. At first, I was influenced by the culture of writing. I tried to spray letters at first, but I didn’t like it so I started drawing with permanent markers. The subjects were strange shapes with strange perspectives, hybrid figuratives and abstract subjects. Then I started painting characters on walls with a brush. After several experiences, I went back to painting letters.”
”I am in Genoa, Italy, but I’ve painted in other places like Barcelona, Berlin, Bilbao, Tokyo, Shanghai, and Milan. Next year, I will travel to several European cities looking for a place to live that reflects my character. I do not like Italy; it’s too superficial and religious.”
”Recently, I’ve returned to painting alone. Street art has many disadvantages: it is illegal, the work is not sustainable, and trends tend to ruin the intimacy and originality of things. Many people speculate on the concept of street art because it’s something that can sell in galleries. I’m pretty demanding when people hang out, so I don’t compromise my style with that of another person until I respect his style of painting.”
“I've always drawn with the aim of evolving constantly without copying other people. I want to maintain my visual character but increase my maturity. I've always been interested in geometry but also in figurative works. I have never put too many constraints on myself, even when other people did not like what I drew. The goal was and has always been to do my style and paint for myself without compromise. Combining different disciplines and experimenting has always been one of my main goals. Because I get bored a lot, I need to grow continually. I have a hobby of exploring abandoned places almost every weekend. It’s a very solitary activity. I do not have a favorite place, but abandoned places are filled with emotion."
“Besides painting, I make IDM music. I'm working on a urban project for audio sonorization. The sound is an aspect that I’ve used for years in my work. I perceive the sound as an element of my setting; it can stimulate the imagination. Recently I made my record label. I want to do more and more, reaching technical skills on paper and spontaneity on the wall. The projects are many but I'd rather talk them in the moment.”

Grazie, Useless Idea! For more photos of his projects, check out his Flickr.

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