Monday, May 10, 2010

In The Headlines

Thanks, track girls, for making this weekend completely awesome! I coach some of the toughest ladies out there, and they proved it in their races this weekend. So impressed! In addition to working forever, I also baked my mom a cake and thanked her for putting up with my sister and me. Now it's headline time!
Lastplak's shop opens in Rotterdam on June 6th.

Mark your calendars: Drone has a show opening in Lisboa two days earlier on June 4th.

Appparently, the president of East Timor likes street art.

Wow: a full list of all the places you can catch Banksy in San Francisco.

Swoon spoke to Gothamist about her recent collaboration with Urban Arts Projects; Londonist interviewed A.CE that same week.
Alsacherie decorated the Université de Technologie UTBM - SEVENANS with a collection of phrases in English.

Michael De Feo has a new show at NYC's Woodward Gallery. The exhibit runs through July 24.

Chor Boogie and Ashley Zelinskie traded ideas and came up with the glass spray paint can.

This year, Omino71 and friends will honor the 20th anniversary of Keith Haring's death with "Stick On Haring." If you want to participate, send your stickers by June 25. Shoot them an e-mail for more details.

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