Tuesday, May 11, 2010

April 2010: Laguna in Almagro

Located in the land of La Mancha, the town of Almagro is one of many towns featured in the magical tale of Don Quixote. Street artist Laguna keenly understands how the region inspired Miguel de Cerventas; he loves painting in his beautiful hometown. Today, he shares a bit of his past and a taste of what's to come. He writes:
"In 1990, two classmates and I painted the road to the entrance of my town with cartoons from my history teacher."
"Every day, cars passed by and saw what we'd drawn; we almost got expelled from school."
"I paint with many people but I try very much to have time to develop my work."
"Crazy things happen when I'm out working. I have collapsed the building in which I was painting. Once, I sought refuge from the police among a group of Romanians (I painted their cars). Another time, some Ukrainian soldiers took us to a train station and expelled us from their country. We finished painting inside the station!"
"These days, I'm going to Morocco as a draftsman and illustrator. My first Africa's manga festival; then I'm traveling around the Arab world."

Gracias, Laguna! For more of his street work, head over to his Flickr.

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