Wednesday, May 26, 2010

May 2010: Muro in the Canary Islands

An urban metropolis is a great place to find street art, but little locations need love, too. Fortunately, people like Muro post up outside the city limits and give life to quiet alleys. Today, he talks about his past experiences as a street artist and gets pumped about upcoming travel plans.
"In 1998, I started doing some crazy characters with stolen cans. I got involved with some frineds that were into the graffiti movement in my hood...nothing serious, just kids games. In 2001, I really started seriously after a trip to Berlin. I discovered the street art movement with all the stencils, posters, characters, messages. I was studying graphic design, so I created some posters and stencils easily. That´s when my litlle invasion of my town started. The jump to mural graffiti was pushed to another level in 2004. I participated in the Urban Art festival with the best graffiti artist worldwide: Maclaims, 123 Klan, Pornostars, Dems, Dran, San, and many more. This experience made me dedicate myself to graffiti with all my energy and soul."
"I'm actually located in the Canary Islands, Spain. I was born in Bilbao and studied in Barcelona so I travel as much as possible and paint everywhere I go. Sometimes I paint with my wild style master, Este, but most times I'm by myself. The Canary Islands are actually one of the best places in Spain because there are no problems with the police and the scene is not too crowded. You can expres yourself when and where you want. "
"My style is a mixture of every thing I like. Most of my influences come from comic and graffiti artists, but I try to do it my own way. It´s dificult to explain what makes it different from other street art; I suppose everything is already invented; I just make it my way."
"I got arrested in Bilbao. One of the policemen hit my face and I had to stay a couple of hours in jail because they thought I was an ETA terrorist. Not funny at all."
"Next week I´m travelling to Senegal to meet some artists. I´ve been in Africa a number of times and it´s always a great adventure."

Awesome, Muro! For more photos from his trip, stop by his Flickr.


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