Monday, May 24, 2010

In The Headlines

Great weekend for graduations and proms. Congrats, class of 2010! Thank goodness for good weather, delicious food, and long bike rides. I'm looking forward to a repeat next weekend for Memorial Day. Now, onto the headlines!
Lunar's got some new Eastern bloc shit going on.

When people find a Banksy, there's no limit to the crazy shit they'll do to get it. Sometimes, taggers get to it before others do.

Miami's graffiti tours of its Wynwood neighborhood attract tourists and locals alike.

There's a lot of street art going on in Vancouver.

Ad Hoc Gallery opened its Welling Court mural in Queens this past week.

Dirty Hands is out and I really want to go!

Apparently Kevin Spacey is a street art fan.

Berlin's streets, buildings, and walls are covered in graffiti goodness.

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