Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Back In Time: Barcelona With Chanoir and Friends

I've already shared my love for Barcelona on this page. It's time to hear from someone else about this beautiful city and its magnificent street art. Today, Parisian artist Nukod talks about his friend Chanoir's new street art documentary, Muros Libres. He writes:

“Between 2001 and 2004, Barcelona became the place to be for European graffiti. Some years later, we realized that the “Logo Art” Movement was born there. Spanish artist Pez as well as Colombian artist Chanoir are the representatives and founders of this movement.” 

 “Chanoir decided to film his artist friends Sixe, Pez, Dios, and Flying Fortress; these people mark the city with their fingerprints. Miss Van, Jon One, and Psy also contributed to the painting. Barcelona quickly became the hub for this new form of freedom of expression and originality.”  

“When post-graffiti was born, artists reappropriated the city in a rainbow of colors and shapes, creating a new urban community. In an age where families are broken and neighbors are strangers, post-graffiti goes beyond the canvas hanging in a museum to create a friendly public space. Everyone in the street can do this.” 
“In the end, the movement characterized a new symbiotic relationship between the city and its people. Unlike the Pop Art Movement, which multiplied the works for the individuals, post-graffiti creates a single work accessible by all.” 

“This DVD is a real-time document of the graffiti scene, which today leaves the streets to emerge in galleries and other auction houses. The film takes places during a privileged moment when street art was still tolerated by the authorities and before Barcelona, like other European cities, started to become 'clean and sanitized'.” 

Artists featured in the DVD include: Cha, Pez, Xupet, Sixe, Dios, Miss Van, Pone, Oyes, Zosen, Skum, Mister, Craneo, Flan, Flying Fortress, L’Atlas, Jon One, Poch, Psy, HNT, Roch, Pow, Stak, Krisprolls, Tanc, Paki, Kasper, Dasy, Miss Bull, 1980, and Slip Crew. Pick up a copy exclusively in Nukod’s store (11 rue de Paris 75010 Aqueduct) or  on the internet. Thanks so much, guys! Congratulations on a project well done. 

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