Monday, May 11, 2009

In The Headlines

I hope you all told your mothers that you love them this weekend. The weather was nice enough to go outside for a change! Also, this weekend was fabulous because my sister returned home from college. Now I have someone to rock out with. Let the adventures commence! While I get ready for work, breeze through this week’s crop of headlines. 

Siloette hopes you’ll take a look at her latest work, Wife of Jekyll and Hyde (see photo). This 8” x 18” glicee piece is going for $200. If you like it, drop her a line. 

Head to your local bookstore and flip through a copy of Miami Graffiti, James and Karla Murray’s tribute to the city’s street art scene. 

On May 14, take a walk through Montague St. in Brooklyn Heights and see Knitta’s latest project. Founder Magda Sayeg will transform the street overnight with new knitted projects. 

Australian collective Melbourne Craft Cartel also creates clever knitted street pieces. 

Michael De Feo hopes you’ll check out his and other artists’ work tonight. If you’re in New York City, head over to 205 W. 39th Street for the 10th annual Freearts Auction Benefit. The event runs from 7-10 pm while the auction kicks off at 8:30 pm. Featuring music, drinks, and fabulous art, the proceeds benefit underprivileged children and their families. 

The comments section ignites on the LA Times blog as people debate local graffiti artist Chaka’s work. 

Egyptians were up in arms this week over graffiti created by “emos” in Cairo. 

Steve Rotman and Chris Brennan of San Francisco Street Art stopped by SFWeekly to talk about their project. 

LA artist Karl Haendel scribbles on a wall in SoHo. 

Miami graff artist Ahol talks about trading food for art in this Miami New Times interview. 

HuffPo questions members of EnjoyBanking about their financially themed street art. 

This interesting fence was recently spotted in DUMBO, New York City.

Primary source numero uno Wooster Collective posts yet another awesome video on their site. 

Is decorating trash bins really considered a crime?

And finally, don't confuse Stick My World with Stick Me Hard; the former was featured in a post last week. The latter is happening in Brussels soon!

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