Wednesday, May 20, 2009

December 2008: Guatemala with Stinkfish

My friend Whitney spent a few months in Guatemala and loved the experience. She started out taking Spanish classes and supplemented her lessons with volunteering at a local school. Her stories and thoughts convinced me that I need to visit sometime in my life. As if I needed another reason, Colombian artist Stinkfish sent me photos and stories about his work. His stunning pieces make me want to hop a plane immediately. He writes:

“Stinkfish’s consciousness has not developed properly. It is difficult for him to control a rebellious behavior that will harm those around him and could be fatal for him. Drugs, promiscuous sex, visual vandalism and theft are examples of these rebellious and destructive behaviors. Stink, unlike other pre-school children, knows that stealing is immoral. However, it is not uncommon for one to steal even though he is taught that it is wrong.” 
“People steal things that they neither need nor want. Rather, they just steal for the thrill and feel different than when the things are provided. To steal is a kind of game where the participant develops his ability to avoid that surprise.” 
“Stealing is a way to boast in front of enemies. It may also be a way to win the repudiation of the gang to have something that nobody else has. Someone steals because nobody loves him. Getting things gives a sense of security. Every time you steal without anyone seeing, he is happy for having defied the established authority.” 
“People who steal are not necessarily doomed to a life of crime. But the constant theft, no matter the reason, can reveal a deep-seated emotional problem. The fact that scratching walls is illegal makes it attractive for Stinkfish’s rebellion against their guardians or anything that represents authority.” 

“Graffiti - stencil, poster, sticker, tagging, bombing - provide a feeling of wellbeing. Scratches caused a feeling of fitness for competition. Stinkfish prefers not to think about the damage that graffiti causes. When asked by painting on the street, he gives three reasons: boredom, external pressure and family problems.”

For more info, hop over to Stinkfish’s Flickr page. Later in the month, we’ll hear more from Stinkfish as he answers our interview questions. 

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