Wednesday, May 13, 2009

May 2009: Toronto with Janet Bike Girl

I agree with Janet; bicycles are pretty great. I remember learning how to ride one on the dead end street near my house. My dad would cheer as I did laps of the road, pretending I was Meggie LeMond. To this day, I’m still a sucker for a good bike. My last one came from a neighbor’s front lawn. Some people take in stray animals, I take in stray bikes. Toronto artist Janet Attard, or Janet Bike Girl, combines a similar love for bicycles with her artistic talent to create interesting stencils across the city. She writes:  
“I love stencils and I love bicycles; my art is a mix of the two. I have been making bicycle art since 1995.” 
“I thought that the bicycle theme would only take me a year to complete. Through my bicycle research, I keep finding new bicycle frame designs that inspire me to create even more bicycle stencils.” 
“I also totally love bicycle people, so I have started to include bicycle riders in my work. Most of the bicycle history is totally hidden, so I hope to spread the stories of past riders, such as the top American racer Major Taylor, to the public interest.” 

 “I have to say a big THANKS to everyone in the USA who has supported my work and encouraged me. Thanks so much to people such as Josh MacPhee of Just Seeds-Visual Resistance, Russell Howze of Stencil Archive-Stencil Nation...and people like you!”  

Thanks, Janet! Great stuff, these bikes. For more information about Janet, take a look at her Flickr page, find her on Facebook, or visit her studio space’s website. She also recently did an interview for Canadian news outlets that’s worth a look. 

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