Monday, May 25, 2009

In The Headlines

As you read this, I'm probably still on the beach. Thanks to Memorial Day and the wonders of Blogger post delay options, this post is less than live. However, I wouldn't miss an opportunity to serve you up a delicious helping of headlines.

Here's a video from Italian artist GEC.

Out in Colorado, the Durango Youth Coalition sponsored Arts Dawdle, an art festival filled with student art and a collaborative graffiti exhibit. 

“Post No Bills, Post Pretty Art” brings their wheatpastes to the streets of Edmonton, Toronto, and London, Canada. 

Chris Stain will be all up in Brooklyn’s business this summer. On June 19, he kicks off his series of legal murals at Ad Hoc Gallery with a block party. He’ll get Greenpoint’s India Street poppin’ with some fresh pieces and will be out and about during the summer months. 

Victor Ash recently hit up Bremen, Germany. Check his site for photos. 

Alan Hough of I Heart Street Art shares his thoughts on the street art vs. commercial advertising debate. 

In Berlin, foreign residents express their love for their adoptive city and how they learned to love street art. 

The International Meeting of Styles kicks off on June 6. Running from 3 pm to 4 am, the warehouse party promises to be wild. Get your tickets while they last. 

Mimi the Clown has new pieces up in Paris and Lille. 

Stinkfish’s show, “Memoria Canalla,” is still on at Museo de Bogotá in Colombia. If you’re in the area, catch it before it closes on June 6. 

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