Monday, May 4, 2009

In The Headlines

For the first time in ages, I actually had a quiet weekend. No rushing, no work, no travel. Just quality time on my couch with my dog and a book. I caught up with the family, saw my little cousin running around like a wild thing, and made a great batch of meatballs. Incredible. While my weekend was relaxing, a lot happened in the street art world this week. Let’s take a look.

Tom Blackford, a.k.a. Inkfetish, has some new mural photos up on his site. 

Speed Racer recently appeared in a San Francisco junkyard. 

On Thursday, West Hollywood’s Carmichael Gallery presents “Get Rich Quick,” an exhibition featuring Space Invader, Swoon, Barry McGee, and many more. 

“A Força Da Rua” received some much-deserved attention from the American Foreign Press this week. (Remi/Rough said the event raised over 35,000 for Action for Brazil’s Children.) 

Jon Burgerman’s getting ready to hit California this June. Anticipating his live painting performance in Laguna Beach on June 12, he writes, “I hear LA is vast and sprawling and you need to drive everywhere. I cannot drive and get lost easily. If anyone wants to show me around / pick me up from the airport / do the live painting performance for me so I can snooze on the beach, please get in touch! You will be rewarded with many doodles and drawings and perhaps even love.”

Boston and Vancouver each staged their own “It’s Yours, Take It” shows this past week. Visitors were invited to take their favorite piece home with them. 

The Fairey vs. AP court ruling could affect more than just Shepard; street artists in Colorado sound off on the case. 

It seems like no one’s too skeezy for a stencil these days: former Governor Rod Blagojevich prances around the streets of Chicago in a tracksuit. 

Students at Napier University confused commuters and street sweepers as they wrapped phone booths and post boxes in Edinburgh. 

Last week, Public Art Campaign took over the streets of New York. While most pieces lasted only a day or two, I hope Dickchicken lasts until my next visit. 

I like this photo project. Combining street art and a quick-draw photographer, the final product is quite cute. 

Hopefully, you caught the screening of Altered Egos at London’s East End International Film Festival. If not, here’s a taste of what you’re missing. Thanks, Teilo! 

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