Wednesday, May 6, 2009

April 2009: Paris with Seize Happywallmaker

I normally don’t like repeats. In the summer, I get bored with all the reruns on television. Hearing one song again and again on the radio drives me crazy. When I hear someone tell the same story at party after party, I cringe a little. But repeat posts? Fabulous! I love following up on stories and I am pleased to present new work by French artist Seize Happywallmaker. You may remember Seize from a post back in February. Today, he shares his latest outdoor endeavors with us. He writes: 

“I made these paintings alone in old factory in Paris. I wanted to share them with all social classes. The street is good for art because you can reach everybody. I like that! Also, the economic crash is making it very difficult to sell art at this moment. I came back to the streets; there’s no money but lot of energy!” 

“I created the graphics for ‘Street Cybernoide’. They are modules assembled together to create a positive network. This year, my two main themes on the mandalas are cybernetics and the network.” 

“The network is a form or structure, particularly in the organization of living things. Consciousness and creativity emerge from these neural networks.” 
“In addition to these neural networks, there are also networks of roads, rivers, and humans. With the mandalas, I try to reflect on these networks and graphically share them on the streets through these series of modules. I believe this is the first of a long series.” 
I hope so, Seize! Take a look at his Flickr for more photos. Also, Seize will be celebrating his birthday on Thursday, so show some love and wish him a Bonne Fête! 

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