Tuesday, February 10, 2009

February 2009: Paris

I love receiving submissions from other people. Whether they're from my friends or from street artists and fans that I've never met, I love opening my Gmail to find new notes. Today's post comes from Seize Happy Wallmaker, a French street artist. He sent heaps of photos and a description of his latest project. He writes:

"This exhibition was produced in collaboration between Yz and Seize, whose pictoral universes are opposed. Angles against curves, black and white against color, simplicity against complexity, woman against man. The objective of this exhibition was to prove that with dialogue and communication, the opposing viewpoints could come together."

"Despite their differences, the two ultimately create a parable on the benefits of listening and exchanging ideas. This tolerance is positive! Following the exhibition, we hope to create a large mural with this concept. With us, it is always the street that has the last word!"

Fabulous, Seize! I wish you and YZ the best of luck on that mural. For more images of Seize's work, check out his photos at http://www.flickr.com/photos/seizehappywallmaker.

Catch the opening on February 12 with a 7 pm screening of the documentary, "New York City Girls" at Galerie Itinerance (7ibis, rue René Goscinny, Paris).

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