Wednesday, February 18, 2009

February 2009: Providence

This past weekend, I popped over to Providence, Rhode Island, for a slice of Antonio's and a good hunt. (Yes, I am an Antonio's girl, but someday I would like to try Nice Slice just for comparison). Although it's quite small, Providence is one of my favorite cities. The neighborhoods are fairly walkable, there's great food everywhere you turn, and it's got a quirky style all its own. My only gripe is that the bus system is a tad pokey (I'm not trying to drive in a city). Yet if Providence offered me a decent job, I would probably take it in a heartbeat. (No offense, New York, but your hiring freeze is killing me softly).

I worked in Providence two summers ago and will share those photos at a later date. What interested me this time was the overwhelming presence of USPS mailing tags. Like Royal Air Mail stickers, USPS stickers are perfect pocket canvases. They feature plenty of white space and are free at any post office nation-wide. Today's post showcases the USPS sticker and the myriad of artistic possibilities it contains.
This ant is posted up on a parking sign outside of the Wickenden Street Utrecht outlet. The utility box next to it is covered in Shepard Fairey and other stickers.
Although it's a bit beat up, I liked the detailed work on this sticker. I found her on the back of a stop sign across from Rainbow Bicycles on Brook Street.
Simple but elegant. I forget where this one was located. Unfortunately, the sun was going down so some of these are a bit blurry.
I love this guy's face. Whoever makes these posted a bunch of other stickers and I think the the characters are fabulous.
I think this one is my favorite. Such an elaborate stencil style on such a small sticker. I found this one a crosswalk light on Charlesfield Street. There's so much going on in Providence right now and it's definitely worth a look. Thanks to Adam for bringing an extra camera (damn you, batteries) and jumping on top of walls to get a shot. You're the best! I think I'm going on a hunt this afternoon in uncharted territory (for me, anyway). We'll see what I dig up!

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