Monday, February 9, 2009

In The Headlines

Thank goodness for warm weather. After weeks of sub-zero wind chills and vicious snow storms, the weekend's slightly warmer temperatures did wonders for my outlook on life. I think I'm at least 37% happier when it's sunny and I can feel my feet. But we're not hear to talk about the weather. It's been a wild week for street artists. Let's see who made this week's headlines.

Normally I don't post on performance street art, but this is awesome. Pranking the Google Street application, two Pittsburgh art students put on a show featuring an alleyway parade, marathon runners in a race of their own, and giant chickens in a parking lot. 

Canada's The Ubyssey interviews Indgo Girl, Ninja, and Jerms in a discussion about Vancouver's 'other art gallery'.

Indonesian artist Restu Ratnaningtyas festooned Jakarta bus stops with bubble wrap as part of the city's biennial.

Jossip mentions Poster Boy in its discussion of how graffiti has evolved way beyond Krylon.

Swoon is featured in Our City Dreams, an upcoming documentary profiling five women artists and the relationship between their cities and creativity.

If you're in the Cayman Islands in February, you can take a four-week class on stencil-making.

Everyone's talking about Poster Boy's arrest last week. Now the news has travelled across the pond to the UK.

Shepard Fairey got slapped this week. First, the AP served him. Then, the cops cuffed and bagged him for "past offenses" as he was about to DJ his ICA opening. Damn.

Despite the intervention of the law, critics praised the exhibit.

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