Wednesday, February 4, 2009

October 2008: Boston

Normally, I rep New York like it's my job; my heart beats for The Big Apple. But this week, I feel like Boston deserves its due. Therefore, we're doing back to back Boston posts. It's like "Buy One, Get One Free" half-gallons of ice cream. Or finding a forgotten 20 in a coat pocket. Or the lineup for Coachella this year. (Okay, THAT was an exaggeration). Here are some leftovers from my hunt last fall.

This first shot just makes me laugh. I'd love to find the artist and shake his or her hand because that's fine use of a Sharpie.

The people on this poster are a riot. I've never seen someone cradle a bomb with such tenderness before. Ah, the Bush Administration: thanks for all the great material. I was surprised by the amount of wheatpaste in Cambridge. While there were some stencils and stickers, pasted pictures dominated the landscape. Any reason why?

What am a looking at? A soup can/paint container/twist-off water bottle combo? Why the bird? This is one moment when I wish street art came with small plaques like museums.

Um, I think the message here is pretty clear. If a large Death-like figure with a skeletal face told me to do something, I'd probably listen. 'nough said.

I think I like these pictures so much not because they're revolutionary but because I remember them in the context of a really good weekend. I found them when I went up for Halloween, so the weather was cool but comfortable. We spent the weekend dressed up as cartoon characters and Jane Fonda impersonators, ate at a delicious Lebanese restaurant, and walked until I couldn't feel my legs. It seems like a quiet weekend but it was just what I needed at the time. Now that I'm buried under feet of snow, I remember those days fondly and look forward to a time when I'll be able to hunt for street art without a ski suit. Tomorrow, we're going someplace warmer in our first Asian post ever!

P.S. Congrats to my friend Will who just got a job in New York!

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