Tuesday, February 24, 2009

February 2009: Gotcha in Fort Worth, TX

I've never spent an extensive period of time in Texas, but the Lone Star Staters I've met have been nothing but charming. My friend Nick is a fabulous screenplay writer who made traveling around Ireland a blast. On a road trip across the country, a pedestrian tipped his hat to me and commented on my 'fancy britches' (I was wearing purple spandex pants at the time). Today's post comes from Gotcha from Fort Worth. His passion for street art and neat style make me want to explore Texas and find the quirky bits that make it fun. Gotcha writes:

"I just got into stickers because my friend Shasta introduced me to the medium. I love the fact you can draw 'em at home and slap them up on the go with little fear of reprecussions, unlike when you get caught spraying. I like putting stickers in unlikely, almost unnoticible places, so when they do 'hopefully' get noticed, whoever sees them is just like, 'Damn, someone put something colorful 3/4 the way up that light pole. Badass!' If I could even get that reaction, that's enough. If not, I still get to see them sometimes and it brightens my day up.""Although I haven't really done any work that has specific political, social, or emotional meanings, I like to use public settings as a place to express myself. I put the alien bacteria sticker on the anouncement board right outside the cafeteria area of our union. You know if an alien came here, they'd be like, 'FUCK your leader! I heard about McDonalds all the way from Zelfar 5!'"
"Anyway, I'm working on a lot more stuff. I'm trying to get into some more humorous stuff 'cause I love seeing street art that makes me laugh; it's the best! If I can do that to someone, then my life is good." 
'A new form of artistic reality can change the perspective on creative expression.' -StYle

Thanks, man! Your comments on the blog were too kind. I'm so glad you're getting something out of it. Like your stickers, if I can connect with one person and teach him or her something new each day, then I'm doing my job. Cheers!

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