Thursday, February 5, 2009

January 2009: Hat Rin

The US, Europe, and Australia always get press for graffiti. South America is working its way into the rotation, but Asian and African countries often get neglected. Today, I am proud to present the first post from an Asian state. The words and images come from my friend Tai who's currently working in China. On a trip to Thailand, he made some interesting discoveries. He writes:

"I'd been working in Beijing and had about 6 weeks off between terms, so I hopped down to the southeast to get my chill on with the elements. I traveled throughout south Thailand, and then up and across to Cambodia. When I was strolling in Hat Rin on Ko-Pha-ngan (Full Moon Festival Island), I stumbled across those two pieces of graffiti. Obviously, they caught my eye and I had to take a photo. 

I did indeed see more but at those times, my camera wasn't handy. The first pic that looks like a '3' is actually the Buddhist 'ohm' prayer. It was painted on the side of a bamboo tattoo shop on the outskirts of the city. Thailand is a place of unique style and culture, influenced by the elements that make up the spirit down there. Whenever you get a chance, go down and breathe up that country. It'll breathe its soul right back into you."

Thanks, Tai! I love these posts that feature new areas of the world. To all you readers out there, make sure your country represents!

P.S. Check out 100artworks, the newest addition to the 'Primary Sources' section.

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