Monday, February 23, 2009

In The Headlines

After a relaxing break from work and responsibility, I am...okay, still not ready to go back to the daily grind. However, I did take some time to reach out to more artists and got some tremendous feedback. I'm excited about this week's posts as well as the profile on tap for Friday. While the wire's been quiet lately, we've got a bumper crop of headlines to get you through the day.

Torontoist interviews Anser, the brainpower behind some familiar faces on the city's streets.

Apparently Selfridges has jumped on the street art bandwagon?

Remed and Zbiok team up for "It Hurts," an exhibition at New York's Brooklynite Gallery.

Apparently, the first street art workshop in the Cayman Islands was fairly successful.

The LA Times speaks to KAWS about his transition from graffiti to gallery.

In New Orleans, Louisiana ArtWorks is sponsoring a two-part panel discussion about street art featuring Michael De Feo, Michael Dingler, Dan Witz, and Gabriel Flores. 

This past Saturday, Viagrafik and Cut Collective painted live on the streets of Wellington, New Zealand.

Kiwi artist Peap caught the eye of New Zealand media outlets. Keep an eye out for a post on him soon!

On Thursday, catch a screening of BOMBIT! at Toronto's Royal Ontario Museum.

And, in what is increasingly becoming the 'Legal Battles' section of these headlines, Shepard Fairey continues to tussle with the AP.

Art critic Peter Schjeldahl busts Shep's chops in The New Yorker.

Tufts Daily columnist Lumay Wang defends street art in her Medford neighborhood.

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