Thursday, February 26, 2009

February 2009: Boost in the Wild American West

I love blogging about street art because while the subject matter stays the same, every artist's style is a bit different. There's the classic spraypaint and Sharpie approach, wheatpaste, stickers, and everything in between. This post stands out, though, because Boost taught me to look at an ordinary household object in a completely new context. Currently based in Sioux Falls, SD, his medium of choice is constantly evolving to include a wide range of styles. Check out what Boost has to say.

"Ever since I can remember, I have been drawing, painting or working with different mediums to create something. From a young age, I drew pictures on my school work; my homework papers were covered in doodles and I always excelled in art class. In the last two years, I finally started to sell my artwork at art shows and online through different forums and Myspace. The first medium I really became interested in was acrylics on canvas and wood. I sold a few pieces here and there to friends and others at art shows when I lived in Denver, CO. I always priced my pieces very low so that others could have a cool piece of artwork at very little cost. I feel that art shouldn't be so overpriced that you can't appreciate it!"

"That is what got me into street art; a perfect way to get my artwork out there without paying to put my art in a gallery or splitting my earnings with a gallery owner. The streets became a means to distribute my art semi-permanently to the public!"

"I got involved with a few guys out of Denver called the Magnet Mafia. We produce collectible works of art on magnets and toss them up around town for people to look at or take home and put on their fridge! Magnets are a non-destructive way of getting our work up, plus a cool way to get work up high and in some awesome spots! I was also able to take these magnets with me on travel as well as trade with people around the U.S. and countries such as Austria and England."

"After tossing up a few hundred magnets in Denver, I started to toy with other mediums like stickers and some wheatpastes. I am now in the process of doing some installations with my new character around town and in other cities in the near future. My artwork will soon be found in a few books and an upcoming art fan-zine called Urban Liberation Front! All news and updates will be posted on my Myspace page!"

Amazing! I've seen a lot of street art, but I've yet to see someone use a magnet. Such a simple yet brilliant idea! I'd love to find one for my fridge. Anyone else think this is cool? Leave Boost some comments and tell him what you think! For more Boost, visit him at Myspace (keywords Boost M.M.). Tomorrow, we're traveling to the world's smallest continent for a super Aussie post. 

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