Thursday, February 12, 2009

January 2009: 100artworks and Sickboy

Bristol's Sickboy is known for using any material as a painting surface: paper, brick, canvas. However, his latest medium of choice is a bit more high-end. This time around, he's tracing his temples on 24 carat gold sheets. A far cry from abandoned factory buildings. Tom over at gave us a bit more information:

"From early 2000 no street corner or rubbish bin in Bristol was safe. What appeared on them was strange and unique and the graffiti phenomenon known as Sickboy was born. Obsessed with yellow and red dome like temples, Sickboy left his mark in every nook and cranny."

"Interested with the natural restoration of the Bristol, Sickboy sees his work as approachable to a wide audience. Each temple is unique but all act as a very identifiable logo."
The red and yellow used within the temples reflect the purposeful colour theory behind many corporate logos such as McDonald's. The bright colours are instantly eye catching against the gritty backdrop of urban life."

There are 250 non-gold and 75 gold-leaf prints in the edition. Each 30 x 30 cm piece comes signed and numbered by the artist.

I'm just curious as to where the urban life part comes in. Maybe "started out hustlin', ended up ballin"?

Next week, I'm looking forward to getting back outside. I do like the galleries, but I always love what's going on in the streets. Tomorrow's Friday ProFile features a French artist fascinated with TV static. Any guesses?

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