Monday, February 16, 2009

In The Headlines

What a great weekend. I scoured Providence for street art (which I will share later on in the week), consumed a ridiculous quantity of Mexican food, saw The Wrestler (so good but so intense!) and caught up with old friends. Nothing like a good weekend to revive your drive. There are some great posts waiting in the wings this week. First off, let's cover the headlines.

Street artists in Yakima, Washington, are finding new ways to incorporate graffiti techniques into indoor projects.

Shepard Fairey gets the jump on the AP but will his argument stand up in court if he's threatening another artist with copyright infringement?

Boston remains divided about Shep and his Allston pasting spree.

Photographer Steve Rotman documents the history of graffiti in the San Fransisco Bay area.

Australia's The Age speaks to Jon Reiss about his recent documentary, Bomb It! (I've seen it and it's quite good; definitely worth a look.)

And finally, the Indy Star declares that street art has sold out?

Tomorrow's post comes from one of my favorite people sister.

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  1. Hey - thanks for the nice words about Bomb It!

    Jon Reiss -
    Bomb It