Tuesday, February 3, 2009

October 2008: Boston

Quick update. A while back, I wrote about an ever-changing brick wall in Cambridge, MA. Countless artists flock to this wall to paste, post, paint, and stick their work, resulting in a cycle of styles. I returned to Cambridge in the fall of 2008 for some serious searching.

What surprised me was the increase in the neighborhood's street art since my last visit. Boston strikes me as a more conservative city compared to New York or LA, so this level of unconventional art was a pleasant find. Artists displayed their work not just on this wall but around Central Square, making for an interesting hunt.

I like this version of the wall even better than the last one. The giant 'Beware' Frankenstein looms over a Gothic Noir tag. Nineta's nymphs are everywhere and the pensive octopus head adds a bizarre twist to the whole composition. Plus, the characters speak to you with lines like "Join the cult...Drink the Kool-Aid" and "The end is clear." 

At some point, I'll post more photos from around the neighborhood. While I'd once had my doubts, I now believe that (at least in Central Square), Cambridge has something going on.

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