Wednesday, February 25, 2009

February 2009: BUY IT Goes Global

Today's post may be based in Florida, but BUY IT is going galaxy-wide with his trademark campaign. Hitting up everywhere from Ansonia, Connecticut, to Ibaraki, Japan, he's covered a lot of ground with his ravenous sticker critters. He writes:
"BUY IT started in '06. When I started, I was very influenced by the OBEY campaign. I loved the idea of spreading a supposedly meaningless image all over the place that would cause people to wonder and ask questions. I was also intrigued by the notion that an individual, not a corporation, would go to major cities worldwide and spread the image himself.""All the variations of BUY IT represent the ways that over-consumption disguises itself with an appealing veneer so you don't question what are you buying. All the BUY IT slogans are the real message behind the cute and funny messages that are broadcasted and shown to us daily.""I would describe my sytle as underground pop. I try to make it look weird and dirty but at the same time appealing to the underground and mainstream masses."
Fabulous! Here's hoping those stickers make it to central Connecticut in the near future! Keep us posted, BUY IT... I love getting life updates. For more on BUY IT, hit him up on Myspace (keywords BUY IT Galaxywide Co.)

Speaking of updates, Michael De Feo sent me a note yesterday about a benefit for New York's Children's Museum of the Arts. On Tuesday, March 3, head over to 92Y Tribeca at 7:30 pm for an evening of cocktails, music, and art. Featuring a live art auction at 8:30, the items up for grabs include a chance for six kids to paint a public mural with Michael in Lower Manhattan. If there's a tiny Matisse in your life who would love to get messy with a street art legend, plug this date into your Blackberry (or jot it in your Moleskine, if you're old-school like myself).

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