Tuesday, May 26, 2009

May 2009: Denver with Signtologist

Street artists may dabble in gallery shows, but Dunn, a.k.a Signtologist, takes actual pieces of the street indoors. Instead of canvas or paper, Signtologist paints hip-hop, sports, and other well-known icons on real street signs. How he gets his hands on said signs remains a mystery, but he draws inspiration from Denver, the Queen City of the Plains. Dunn writes:

“Dunn, a.k.a  The Signtologist, is an artist from the mile-high city of Denver. The name was coined by the famous MC Black Thought of the legendary hip hop group, The Roots.” 
“For the past four years, this ‘treetsignartist’ has blessed 120 artists, musicans, comedians, and athlethes with his unique paintings on street signs. Underground graffiti culture has reached a new elegance.” 
“Inspired by other artists like Justin Bua, Dunn, who also has a background in graphic design and animation, has given away 100 plus paintings on street signs, (stop signs, no parking, etc.) to people he most admires and respects in the art, music, athletic and entertainment communities.” 
“Some of his favorite paintings included his favorite local stars that represent Mile High City. These people include the Denver Nuggets' own Carmelo Anthony and several other local hip hop artists and groups. Not only does The Signtologist have artwork in three different countries, but he has also gone national with gifts to other entertainers like Dave Chappelle, Kanye West, John Legend, Blackalicious, and Slick Rick.” 
For updates on Dunn’s current projects and showings, there are many ways to contact him. Hit up his website, MySpace him, check his Flickr for photos, and get up to the minute news on his Twitter. Thanks so much, Dunn! 

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