Monday, February 1, 2010

In The Headlines

Two more weeks until vacation and I can't wait. It'll be nice to take a break from 60 hour work weeks and freezing cold weather. Dee-lite! In addition to the fresh work week, it's also a new month. Happy February! I'm looking forward to receiving more e-mails filled with phenomenal work. I couldn't put these posts together without all of you! While I make my lunch, you can read the headlines.
Paella has a show running through February that opens today. Check the flier for more details.

In Park City, Utah, the non-profit Egyptian Theatre may sell a door covered in Banksy's artwork.

In Jakarta, Indonesia, street artists held a workshop at the National Gallery to promote the medium as more than just vandalism.

The NY Times packs the best of Buenos Aires into 36 hours, including a hefty dose of street art.

Street art is everywhere in Melbourne, Australia. I feel like if I went there, I'd never come back.

In Frimley, England, people are pissed about a series of stencils popping up in their town. However, comparing them to Banksy's work is completely off the mark. They're both stencils; the similarity ends there.

Street art can be eco-friendly as well as aesthetically pleasing. In Astoria, Queens, Jason Eppink and Posterchild built a bridge out of recycled materials.

In Copenhagen, Armsrock's show runs from February 6 to March 14 at We Are Related.

Ukraninan artists AEC and Waone open their show "Paranoya & Shtrihi" at Gallery All Over in Lyon France. The show runs from February 4 through March 4.

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