Thursday, February 18, 2010

January 2010: Max Blackmore in Brunswick

Instead of modifying the environment to fit his wheatpastes, Australian artist Max Blackmore blends his figures into the world around them. Everywhere you turn, his truncated torsos and legs pop out of windows, hurdle fences, and hide behind billboards. He shares his photos and a little text about what's to come. He writes:
”I started doing street art a few years ago now…I think.”
”I live and work in Brunswick, Melbourne. Yeah, I generally stick to Brunny.”
”Most of the time, I work alone but friends are usually keen to help out.”
”I developed my style at my one year of university, I guess. It was a really awesome project where we had to draw a hundred face referencing illustrations, and one of them was a two-headed fox on a tricycle.”

”My favorite place to paint is probably my studio. Once when I was out painting with a mate, we got chased.”

“I’m currently working on setting up a gallery for my folks here in Brunswick. It should be up and running by February/March.”

Cheers, Max! For more cheeky pics, take a look at his website.

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