Thursday, February 25, 2010

January 2010: My Mistake, Grito

So, sometimes I get stupid. I read too quickly and don't realize my errors until it's too late. (Such are the problems that come with working full time and blogging on the side). At any rate, this morning's post was a bust. Instead of posting on this Grito, the original images accompanying the text were of Grito de Rabia. My sincere apologies to both artists. From now on, I promise not to write posts late at night. Please forgive me!

“I started painting several years ago with friends by Xapuzas. I started with graffiti icons and gradually evolved. Nowadays my pieces stray far from their origins.”

“One of the characteristics of painting on the street is the freedom, in the sense that you're not restricted by the measurements of a canvas. The wall is the space and the limits are simply physical. By painting with rollers and extenders, you can multiply your potential radius tenfold. Expanding physical limits allows me to paint large areas quickly. The bad part is that you need a shower after each time you paint!”
“I like painting large concrete surfaces. I like to paint in he city but police have a zero tolerance graffiti policy, so sometimes it’s not possible and I have to seek alternatives. Factories are a good spot, but really any major walls are good.”
“One day when I was painting, I found the skeleton of a whale in an abandoned house. Strangely enough, the house was far from the coast, but it smelled of the sea.”

“We are preparing some new videos with the crew and some guest stars. You will get an update soon.”

Gracias, Grito, and lo siento for the error! For more photos, visit his website.

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