Monday, February 22, 2010

In The Headlines

I'm back, my loves! Last week was fantastic, but I'm glad to be back with you guys. The news over the wire was a bit quiet last week but there's a lot coming up. I sent some stickers in for Sticker Phiends and I'm brainstorming ideas for various Papergirl projects across the globe. Spring 2010 will be fantastic! Here are the headlines for the week.
Looking for a place to send all your stickers and artwork? Send it to Madone over at Sticker Phiends III in Phoenix, Arizona. All submissions must arrive by March 15, so shoot him an e-mail for details.

A trio of street artists spearheaded Melbourne’s Oh Really Gallery to prove that going inside doesn’t mean selling out.

NY Arts profiled Gaia and Lady Aiko.

Curbs and Stoops interviewed Oaxaca-based collective Lapiztola.

Chicago can’t decide if it’s happy or pissed about a recent piece in the Gold Coast.

TakaHashki Naoko takes her cardboard messages indoors in London.

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