Thursday, February 11, 2010

January 2010: Just Do It, Miss Kaplan! in Tel Aviv

Inspired by the streets, Miss Kaplan uses everything from ribbon to flowers to rework urban landscapes. Scroll through her photos and you'll find her clever takes on city streets. Armed with her camera, she captures the sights of Tel Aviv. She writes:
"I started doing street art about a year ago. I am located in Tel Aviv, Israel.""The ribbon project was made a few month ago. I had the idea and just decided to do it. I actually had some more sentences I wanted to write; I might still do it. I wrote these sentences in three different locations. (It was hard to find them.) I took an assistant with me but did everything on my own. She helped me carry the cameras and of course, I needed the company. You know: working hours in the middle of the night can be not so nice sometimes. It took me a while to find the right places. I needed a specific fence, the kind you see in the pics. Others were not good enough and it's not so simple to sew. I needed an interesting spot to take the pics and a place I could work peacefully."
The first day was actually funny and sad. I started sewing the sentence and it took me about four to five hours. After I finished it, a big track came with huge white plastic fences. The driver said he had to cover the fence for advertisement. I couldn’t believe it. I was working so hard and now he was gonna cover it… so it was a lost work. But I learned a lot from that night."
"It was good because I had a spelling mistake, but still it was hard to believe that of all the places in the world and of all the fences in the world, he had to cover my fence. On other nights, you just meet really strange people at these hours. When I was working next to the beach, one crazy guy kept on bothering us. The day after, I came to take some more pics and someone had torn down the sentence. I don’t know if it was him."
"Now I am working on my 'Colleagues' creatures. I take hibiscus flowers and plant them in urban bushes. Sometimes I take the ribbons with me and just make a heart wherever I go. It depends on my mood. But now I am mostly taking pics: street photography, backyards, etc. But of course, I have some new ideas to make some other street art work. Every time I walk along the street, I feel like doing it. I am sure it's gonna happen one of these days…"

Thank you, Miss Kaplan! For more of her fantastic photos, take a long look through her Flickr.

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