Wednesday, February 17, 2010

November 2009: Teoz in Rome

Stickers are a prime form of street art because you can spread them like a virus. Send them through the mail or slap them around the city: either way, you can get wherever you go. Italian artist Teoz has mastered the art of the sticker and poster. Today, he shares a bit of his background and where he's going from here. He writes:
“I started doing street art around 2 years ago thanks to my friend. I was about 18/19 years old. I live and study in Rome. I paste most of my posters here, but every time I travel, I always carry with me some posters. It’s the first thing to pack!”
”For now, I work alone, but I welcome collaborations with other people. I think it is a way to grow and expand their knowledge. I usually paint here at home, but I hope to soon have my studio for create big posters!”
”I do not have a well-defined style and am constantly searching. I like to experiment with new methods, new techniques, and new tools. I think pasting in itself is an experience full of excitement and adrenaline!”
Presently, I am devoting little time to this passion because of university commitments (I study graphic design), but when the summer comes, expect more!”
Grazie, Teoz! For more stickers and posters, check out his Flickr.

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