Tuesday, February 23, 2010

January 2010: Mean Marek in Berlin

One of my friends just returned from Berlin and I can't stop dreaming about my trip last year. The city just has the best vibe; with so much art going on, you really can't go wrong. Today, Mean Marek pays a visit and lets us in on his street art past. He writes:
"I started tagging in 1995, but graffiti really became serious to me in 2000. Five years later after getting busted, I focused on stickers and paste-ups. That´s what I mostly do now. 2010 is a year of jubilees for me."
"I love to work with people, but mostly it´s Kola and Momo from the nARTur-Group. When I´m in Berlin I usually go out on a paste mission with my buddy Azione. But I also enjoy doing stuff with me, myself and I."
"My style? I don´t know if it´s mine. I like working in mostly chilly spots... abandoned, empty, left, dead spaces."
"Right now, I'm working on my portfolio for the academy of fine arts, a fanzine covering art and skateboarding, and some posters for my 'IGNORE THIS EGOTRIP!'project."
Danke, Mean Marek! (And thanks to Stofflowsky for the photos). For more collective updates, visit their new blog.

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