Monday, February 8, 2010

In The Headlines

What a weekend! Track meets, grandparent visits, art galleries, nachos, chilly walks, and good times. When I have two days to recover instead of one, it's like I'm a new woman. T-minus one week until New Orleans, but don't worry: I'm planning my posts ahead of time so you won't miss a thing. Here's the news for the week.
Ema has a new show opening in Chelsea. Check the flier for details.

Belfast's international street art fest rolls into town February 20-21.

Former street artist Stephen Strumble transitioned from spray cans to building Technicolor cuckoo clocks.

Sometimes Parisian street artist André takes his characters indoors.

Michael De Feo took part in a group opening over the weekend. The show in Milan features work by De Feo, Claudio Ethos, C215, M-City, and others.

Former graffiti artists now document the scene in words and images.

Lapiztola creates stunning murals in Oaxaca.

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