Thursday, February 4, 2010

January 2010: Michael Beerens All Around France

Urban spaces aren't the only places that need street art love. Sometimes, abandoned structures in rural areas make great canvases. French artist Michael Beerens is so versatile that he navigates both environments with ease. After life threw him a traumatic curve ball, he delved deeper into street art and found his own style. He writes:
"I always drew, but I began the graffiti in my neighborhood when I was 12 years old. At first, it was essentially tags. By growing, I met other graffiti artists who inspired me to go farther with my approach. More risks and more adrenaline brings more pleasure! But I make sure not to mix letters and illustration. My vision of graffiti is very closely related to letters and I did not want to make characters until my exercise book was filled with illustrations."
"When I was 23 years old, a grave motorcycle accident put me in the hospital for 6 months. I had the time to think has my life and I wondered, 'Why do I make graffiti?' The answer was simple: pure ego trip! I wanted to exchange something with spectators (a message, an emotion, a smile) and not only with graffiti artists! I thus began to paint my illustrations of animals outdoors."
"I like painting because I like to control the work from the beginning to the end. Sometimes I work with other artists like Anja Kocovic."
"My style is simple but it is constantly evolving; every lived experience influences my painting. From my childhood, I have been fascinated by animals and animal reports. I like animals! They are so much funnier to draw than human beings! Then I discovered the art of the pattern and I began mixing these two together. My drawing took a dramatic dimension and I began to exaggerate some features to make them both sad and funny. In 2009, I went to Mexico for a month to paint and I was influenced by traditional Mexican art."
"I love it when my work adapts to the environment. I like the street because there is a lot of traffic but I believe that I prefer isolated places in nature. Fewer people will see my paintings, but those who see it will be really surprised.

Once, I painted a sperm whale on a tank near a field. The painting very well when one 4x4 pulled up! It was the owner of the fields and tank! I had not made outlines; I thus asked him if I could finish the sperm whale. But he wanted me to wash and repaint the tank! I explained to him that I had no equipment on me but that I would return the next day to paint. I gave him a false name and a false number and I left quickly! I returned with my ladder that evening and finished the painting. I would've liked to see the look on his face the following morning."

Merci, Michael! For more photos, visit his website.


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